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How to resolve fuel price hike in India?

Overview We are currently experiencing the worst phase of the fuel price range in the Indian market. when we look closer to the prevailing situation this is a known economy case, demand, and supply. The rates of petrol and diesel are increasing day by day, it is not the fault of Union Government or State rulers, it is the problem of increase in the demand and unable to match the frequency of supply. So our team indulged in serious of brainstorming discussions and we exchanged quality of ideas and thoughts on how to reduce the fuel price in India or how not to depend on fossil fuels or non-renewable energies.

Views of our team discussion1) New Cars and Bikes Each year, we have seen a sharp hike in the usage of bikes and cars which powered by fossil fuels. In India, the number of people from poor class is moving to the middle class, and the middle class people are moving to upper middle class whereas an existing upper middle class people moved to rich class. This flow is going in an expo…

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