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How would I make sense Higgs Boson to a seven year old?

SYO = Seven-Year-Old.
SYO: “What is a Higgs Boson?”

Me: “Well, you see, everything in the Universe is made of atoms. Me, you, this chair, that window, the air, an iPhone, and even water. Right?”
SYO: “Atoms are small.”
Me: “Yes very small. Smaller than your IQ! Anyways those atoms are made of even smaller things! We call them Elementary Particles! They are the smallest things in the whole entire Universe! They are the things that makeup even Atoms themselves!”
SYO: “Really?! I always wondered what Atoms are made of!”
Me: “Well there are many elementary particles we have discovered. 38 to be exact. And one of these 38 elementary particles is called the Higgs Boson.”
SYO: “So, elementary particles are the smallest thing and they make up atoms. And one of them is the Higgs Boson?”
Me: “Yes!”
SYO: “So how do these elementary particles make up atoms? What does the Higgs Boson do?”
Me: “Well the Higgs Boson is what gives things mass. This is a little complicated for you, but the mass is li…

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