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Outlook Mail Search Options are not working?

One of my friend who comes over to me asking that his outlook search option is not working. I went to his desk and checked his laptop. The search option in the mailbox got disabled and it got overshadowed by the grey color. I resolved the problem and the search option in the outlook started working fine. I thought it will be nice if I share this to newWorld team post it in their site.

- First of close the outlook.
- Open the services file (services.msc)
[To open that we must first open run window and type services.msc]

- Go to the windows search (refer the snapshot)

- If this windows search is not up and running, please make it to running state.
- If this windows search is running and the status of Automatic or Automatic (Delayed start), the search option will work fine.

Now, open the outlook program and check for the search option, it will work fine!!!

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