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Non-invasive Fitness devices - FOR THE FUTURE:

People love sci-fi movies especially the gadgets used by the characters in the plot. We are living in a world that those gadgets seen in the movie are no more sci-fi stuff. They are a reality now. As a kid, we have seen in a movie where people telecommute for their work and do conference calls via video telecast. Right now, the whole world is doing telecommuting and video conferencing for their daily office works. Marriages happened with the help of video conferencing, in fact, we are living more into the sci-fi world now. The emergence of fitness tracker A couple of decades ago, we used to go walking, cycling, running, and swimming was considered the main fitness activity. Apart from this, many use timing as their method of measuring the exercise routine. Similarly, some sets of people aim for the known locations or count numbers in the reps. For say, 200 skipping the rope or 20 minutes of cycling or 10 rounds of running the cricket ground.  A decade ago, people started to sense the e

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