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Is really Einstein performed poorly in Mathematics?

To become a theoretical physicist, one must have strong knowledge in the field of mathematics. In other words, mathematics is a way of expressing physics to others. Many questioned us, is really Einstein good in mathematics? Is he really performed poorly in Mathematics during school times?

Our Answer is very simple: Look at the mathematical expressions in the relativity paper, especially field equations in general relativity, people will understand how strong Einstein in the field of mathematics.

Let's discuss this topic little elaborately:

Einstein, obviously, was splendid at math. At a youthful age, he stepped up with regards to contemplating propelled math with the help of his family. The sayings on Einstein was terrible at math is not a valid one.

Time Magazine quoted: 
"In 1935, a rabbi in Princeton showed him a clipping of the Ripley’s column with the headline “Greatest living mathematician failed in mathematics.” Einstein laughed. “I never failed in mathematics,” he re…

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