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Four fundamental forces:

Physicists have acknowledged four fundamental forces in the universe.
•Strong nuclear force
•Weak nuclear force.

Let’s see briefly at each fundamental force.

1. Gravitational forces act over greater distances, distorting the fabric of space-time and so they control the motion of planets and stars. Gravity holds the universe together.

2. The electromagnetic force mediates and is responsible for chemical reactions between the elements and the interaction of electrons with the atoms’ nuclei. Magnetic and electrical fields combine to create energies such as light, radio/tv waves, x-rays, UV, ultraviolet and gamma waves. These travel from their point of origin at 3x10^8 m/s or three hundred thousand km per second.

3. The strong nuclear force binds the particles of the nucleus together and acts over a short distance. It works by combing quarks into hadron particles, protons, and neutrons.
This force is 10 to the 38th power, stronger than gravity!!

4. The weak forc…

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