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Alienware - my dream comes true!

Dream   There are so many popular sayings on how important is one have a dream on a goal. It might be anything like achieving financial freedom, a dream house, or even buying an expensive gadget. Recently I was reading a book called the power of the subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy. The core concept of that book is one who firmly believed in some goal or destination to reach and their subconscious mind will connect with supreme being for positive results. I and my friend were working in the malware research lab in the past. We have the habit of regularly visiting one website and checking a product, it is the "Alienware" website. We like to have that machine for our malware analysis lab but our pay scale and the Alienware laptop cost difference is huge.  And there is no high IQ ******* in India, as you find in the first episode of "The big bang theory" where Sheldon and Leonard go for selling of **** for their extra bandwidth connections in the apartment. We never

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