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IOC for various trending squatting on popular domains:

Squatting campaigns are basically a form of phishing attack by luring the victims to believe that they are visiting the legitimate website but in reality, they visiting the suspicious domains, and the domain names are squatted with spelling mistakes and the letters look-alike the legitimate websites. For example, is a legitimate service and used by millions of people for online shopping. A typical squatting campaign for amazon will be looking like "accounts1-apmazon[.]com". We collected various squatting domains targeting popular domains from the exchange threat intelligence (IBM). We shared the list with reference details: Amazon Squatting Campaign Domain accounts1-apmazon[.]com amazon-verify-login[.]com amazonverifylogina[.]com sign-in-costumer-amazon[.]com sign-in-secure-support-amazon[.]com sign-in-services-amazon[.]com accounts1-apmazon[.]com accou

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