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Interesting facts (for Indians) on network switches

Network switches play important role in enabling the communication between the devices in the network. Switches manage the data across a computer network by engaging the received packet to the intended device. Usually, the switches are functions in the data link layer but some of the multilayer switches are processing in layer 3 of the OSI model.

One of the interesting fact for Indian people that first multiport Ethernet switch was manufactured by a company called Kalpana in the year 1989. Kalpana was founded Vinod Bhardwaj and Larry Blair in the 1980s and the name Kalpana was after the Bhardwaj’s wife, meaning imagination in Sanskrit. This innovation leads to Ethernet networks operate as faster and easier way. They also invented EtherChannel to provide higher bandwidth in inter-switch at running many links in parallel, which is referred to as link aggregation.
If Kalpana is pioneering the switches and other network equipment manufacturing then why no one heard about Kalpana now?


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