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Is it possible for internet service provider to serve popup ads in the user machine?

The answer is yes it is possible. Many shady ISPs are already serving popup ads to their customers. Initially, the user may receive a non-malicious popup ad, and ask the user to submit the email id to receive bills via email. After that, the users will receive more such ads and end up in the suspicious popup ads.

How to find your ISP perform shady popup ads?

Users can find the popup ads in the web browser when they connect their handheld devices, smartphones, and laptops to a particular network but when they connect to other networks they would not observe any popup ads. So we determine that ISP is the culprit.

How to block these ads?

The best option is to install adblocker products at the browser level. Several adblocking plugins available for the popular browsers.
In ISP level, we recommend filtering options in the router's access management which will stop such popup ads by ISP provider.

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