Saturday, May 25, 2019

What does the energy of a photon depend on?

To understand the energy of the photon, we must understand that photons have the same quantum of action Planck h.
Planck's constant = 6.62607004 × 10-34 m2 kg / s

The only difference between them is the amount of time the Planck resides in. The Period is the fix delivery time of the Planck. In other words, the photon is power or a Planck quantum of action locked into a specific delivery time. It will be emitted or absorbed by an oscillator having the same rate of transfer. A UV photon has more power than a red photon simply because it delivers its quantum of action in a shorter amount of time. This requires that we re-think the meaning of the work done and “energy levels”. In a universe with a running time background, how quickly things happen is what matters. (Forget wave collapse, an uninvited synonym for “instantaneous”).

How to manage worst time in stock market?

1. Cash is king.
2. Get way ahead of your bills, by at least two months. And if you find that you can stretch it to three, do so.

3. Stay far away from leverage! Never, ever, buy stock with borrowed money. Never, EVER, lever up in a down market. Never!

4. Understand that the market is not your “friend” and can go A LOT lower than you can imagine.

5. Never, ever, buy all at once. Rather, buy a little bit at a time, month in, month out.

6. View all unexpected income as something which should be saved and not spent.

7. Expect things to get worse, not better.

8. Get used to saying the word NO, when people ask you to do things or when you ask yourself if you can afford something.

9. Don’t supplement a losing position with capital from a winning one.

10. At least one day a week practice living in poverty. Cut your own hair. Eat the stale bread. Boil some eggs for dinner. Go to the library for your entertainment. Learn to enjoy the taste of tap, water.

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