BIG NEWS: Teens Are Officially Leaving Facebook

BIG NEWS: Teens Are Officially Leaving Facebook


We learned some big news from Facebook's earnings report: Teens are officially leaving Facebook. 

We already knew that Facebook was no longer the most popular social network for teenagers, but we now have confirmation from the company itself.
Facebook CFO David Ebersam said that although youth engagement on the social network is hard to measure, there was definitely a decrease in daily users among younger teens in Q3.
"This is of questionable significance," Ebersam said, "But we wanted to share this with you now because we get a lot of questions about teens."
Ebersam added that Facebook remains "close to fully penetrated" among teens in the U.S., meaning just about every teenager is already using Facebook there.

This is the news today in yahoo finance.

Lets come to the point. Facebook is cool when it was come to the market. But no more it is not a good business model.  They really need to concentrate more on more social networking rather than advertisers. I really don't know how the market survey is going on. Long back, i made a post that really facebook have 1 billion user...?  

They have 1 billion registered user. But they don't have 1 billion unique user. Lot of fake accounts, some people create their accounts and they don't know how to deactivate or delete the account.

If Facebook really want to grow up to other extend, they really need to change their plans according to a market survey. They have to give some really puzzle solve stuffs and fun activities. There are n number of photo editing sites which have grasp numerous users day by day. Once they got such photos, they will go to facebook and uploading it. If facebook able embed such a features, it will be fine. They can move some more miles without trouble.

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