Warning: You're Losing Money by Not Using Iphone Apps

Iphone apps are more helpful and user friendly. There is an app for everything you wish. Even you get the customized apps for the user needs. Well, i felt little dodgy to spend my money on purchasing the apps. And even, i neglected using the apps in my Iphone.

One of my close friend, who is a specialist in virus research and malware analysis, he told me that apps are more helpful which saves his money by using Iphone Apps.

I wondered that how it is possible by spending our penny and purchasing the apps can save the money. He explained me clearly:

  • Telecom usage Apps: There are 'N' number of apps for sharing multimedia messages and voice chat. The beauty of those apps are compression techniques. It compress the multimedia files, such as images, videos and voice or audio in to lesser size and make the transfer very fast and cheap usage in the means of internet data usage. So it saves some penny a day. It goes on the year range, i m started saving more bucks using these apps by reducing the internet data usage. Additionally, these apps reduce my mobile bills to greater extent, because i do the voice chats and video calls over these apps. Very reasonable, i m saving my money.
  • Workout related Apps: Few apps which calculate the distance and calorie burned through my walking or running with help of my body moment. It motivate me to go for more distance and burn more calories. 
  • Why we choose treadmill?  Because, it shows the time, distance and calorie burn details. But these apps, do the same in normal surface. Do you know? I sold my treadmill recently after i installed these apps. It saves my electricity and gym fees.

I need to add more points, so we can see it in next post.



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