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Five Greatest Batsman Got Dismissed By Sachin Many Times !!!

Even a kid in India would tell Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest batsman India ever produced. Arguably, Sachin Tendulkar is better allrounder of his era, displayed remarkable fielding, catches in crucial points and undoubtedly a good spin bowler. Many of his skills showed in the field where overshadowed by his master class batting and Himalayan records of runs scored in both test and ODI cricket.

In this article, we are going to explore some of his bowling figures. He secured 201 wickets in the international cricket which comprises 46 wickets in the test, 154 wickets in ODI and one wicket in T20 (that is the only international T20, he played). Now we are going to see the top five greatest batsman got dismissed by Sachin Tendulkar several times.

5. Stephen Fleming - 3 Times

Stephen Fleming Is a Newzealand Cricket, He Lead NZ In All 3 Formats Of The Game.
He Is Leading Run Scorer For NZ In Intl Cricket

Sachin Dismissed Fleming 3 Times.

Video of Sachin Tendulkar blows away Stephen Fleming's stumps:

Fleming's Scores When He Was Dismissed By Sachin:
(56, 26, 30)

4. Steve Waugh - 4 Times

Steve Waugh Is Australian Cricketer, He Is 1999 World Cup Winning Captain & One Of The Most Successful Captain of all Time
He Is 2nd Australian To Score 10000 Runs In Test Cricket!

Sachin Dismissed Steve Waugh 4 Times.

Video of Steve Waugh dismissal by Sachin:

And his 100th ODI wicket was Steve Waugh.
S Waugh's Scores When He Was Dismissed By Sachin:
(26, 7, 17, 42)

3. Andy Flower - 4 Times

Andy Flower Is a Zimbabwean Cricketer, He Was Zimbabwe's Wicket Keeper For More than 10yrs.
He Holds The Record Of Highest Test Score By Wicket Keeper In Test Cricket (232*)

Sachin Dismissed Andy Flower 4 Times.

Andy Flower's Scores When He Was Dismissed By Sachin:
(63, 11, 77, 145)

2. Brian Lara - 4 Times

Brian Lara Is Westindian Cricketer And Widely Acknowledge as Greatest Batsman Of All Time!
He Holds The Record Of Highest Individual Score In Test Cricket (400*)

Sachin Dismissed Brian Lara 4 Times. (Dismissing Lara is our personal favorite)

Video of Brian Lara clean bowled by Sachin:

Brian Lara's Scores When He Was Dismissed By Sachin:
(33, 74, 36, 31)

1. Inzamam-ul-Haq - 8 Times

Inzamam-ul-Haq Is a Pakistani Batsman, He Is Regarded as One Of The Greatest Batsman Of Pakistan!
He Is Leading Run Scorer For Pakistan In ODI Cricket & Only Pakistani Player To Score 10000 Runs In ODI Cricket

Sachin Dismissed Inzamam 8 Times:

Inzamam's Scores When He Was Dismissed By Sachin
(9, 77, 33, 28, 51, 37, 16, 49).

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Five Cricketing Legends Who Picked Only One Indian Cricketer (Sachin Tendulkar) In Their All Time XI:

All-time level, players get selected from different eras across the globe. No time bound, no country bound and the only selection criteria are the players need to choose a team of the best players to form the best team from the past to present. Most of the legendary players who selected their players and posted in the social media. Indian fans are glad that most of the placed one Indian in their list, who is none other than Sachin Tendulkar.

For Top ten quotes about Sachin Tendulkar: Please read this article:

 Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest batsman ever played the game, and tops in both test cricket runs and ODI runs. And the only cricketer who scored 100 centuries in the international matches (49 ODI hundreds and 51 test hundreds). In this article, we are going to see the five best players who selected Sachin Tendulkar in their list and top of that Sachin Tendulkar is the only Indian Player in their team.


Waqar Younis Is a Former Pakistani Cricketer. He Is Regarded as One Of The Greatest Bowler Of All Time. He Is The Youngest Ever Bowler To Take a Five Wicket Haul In An ODI Innings at 18age

Waqar Younis All Time XI

Sir Don Bradman (Aus)
Matthew Hayden (Aus)
Brian Lara (WI)
Sachin Tendulkar (Ind)
Sir Viv Richards (WI)
Sir Garfield Sobers (WI)
Adam Gilchrist (Aus)
Imran Khan (Pak)
Wasim Akram (Pak)
Shane Warne (Aus)
Glenn Mcgrath (Aus)


Graham Gooch Is a Former England Cricketer, He Was One Of The Most Successful International Batsman of his generation. He Is One Of Only Twenty-Five Players To Have Scored Over 100 First Class Centuries.

Graham Gooch's All-Time XI

Barry Richards (SA)
Geoffrey Boycott (Eng)
Sir Viv Richards (WI)
Sachin Tendulkar (Ind)
Allan Border (Aus)
Sir Ian Botham (Eng)
Alan Knott (Eng)
Shane Warne (Aus)
Wasim Akram (Pak)
Malcolm Marshall (WI)
Dennis Lillee (Aus)


Younis Khan Is a Pakistani Cricketer & Regarded As One Of The Greatest Batsman To Play For Pakistan. He is the Only Test Cricketer In The History To Score A Century In All 11 Countries That Have Hosted Test matches.

Younis Khan's all-time Test XI

Hanif Mohammad (Pak)
Sachin Tendulkar (Ind)
Jacques Kallis (SA)
Brian Lara (WI)
Viv Richards (WI)
Garfield Sobers (WI)
Adam Gilchrist (Aus)
Imran Khan (Pak)
Richard Hadlee (NZ)
Muttiah Muralidaran (SL)
Glenn McGrath (Aus)


Ricky Ponting is an Australian Cricketer & Two Times World Cup Winning Captain. He Is The First Batsman To Score Centuries In ODI cricket Against All Test Playing Nations.

Ponting's All-Time XI

Matthew Hayden (Aus)
Justin Langer (Aus)
Jacque Kallis (SA)
Sachin Tendulkar (Ind)
Brian Lara (WI)
Kumar Sangakkara (SL)
Shane Warne (Aus)
Wasim Akram (Pak)
Curtly Ambrose (WI)
Glenn Mcgrath (Aus)


Sir Donald Bradman Was an Australian Cricketer, Widely Acknowledge As The Greatest Batsman In Test Cricket. His Test Batting Average of 99.94 Has Been Cited As The Greatest Achievement In Cricket History. And it is the notable achievement in any sports.
Let's hear the own words of Sir Don Bradman on Sachin Tendulkar in the below video:

Don Bradman's All-Time XI

Arthur Morris (Aus)
Barry Richards (Sa)
Don Bradman (Aus)
Sachin Tendulkar (Ind)
Gary Sobers (WI)
Don Tallon (Aus)
Ray Lindwall (Aus)
Dennis Lillee (Aus)
Alec Bedser (Eng)
Bill O'Reilly (Aus)
Clarrie Grimmett (Aus)

12th man: Walter Hammond (Eng)

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How to resolve fuel price hike in India?


We are currently experiencing the worst phase of the fuel price range in the Indian market. when we look closer to the prevailing situation this is a known economy case, demand, and supply. The rates of petrol and diesel are increasing day by day, it is not the fault of Union Government or State rulers, it is the problem of increase in the demand and unable to match the frequency of supply. So our team indulged in serious of brainstorming discussions and we exchanged quality of ideas and thoughts on how to reduce the fuel price in India or how not to depend on fossil fuels or non-renewable energies.

Views of our team discussion

1) New Cars and Bikes

Each year, we have seen a sharp hike in the usage of bikes and cars which powered by fossil fuels. In India, the number of people from poor class is moving to the middle class, and the middle class people are moving to upper middle class whereas an existing upper middle class people moved to rich class. This flow is going in an exponential manner and it sabotages the fuel price further. The reason is people not investing the money only in assets and but buying new vehicles, especially higher end models, luxurious brands. They often consume more fuel and not economical. Imagine the flow, if more people end up buying new bikes and cars every year definitely going to hike the price of the fuel. Wait, so you mean you want to restrict the vehicle production and sales? Never. We didn't say restrict them. Even the Union Government increased the taxes for luxurious car brands to stop this effect. But it didn't work well.

So what is the solution?
It is very simple. People need to change their mindset and try to use public transport. So change in mindset needed that public transport is the way to live economically and improve the environmental condition. Imagine, if more than 70% of private vehicle users started using public transport or other modes of transport like cycles, or by walks, we can spot a huge change in the environment and it will definitely control the supply and demand balance.

2) Tapping renewable energy resources

The sad part of the renewable energy in India is that we are not actually tapping the full potential of the renewable energy resources. In many countries, the lobbyists are not allowing the federal governments to move towards renewable energy because of Oil Barons and their control in the market.

So how we can tap the renewable energy?
The first step is installing solar panels in the most of the rooftops is the must. In general, many electricity productions directly depend on fossil fuels and petroleum products. So to limit this in to control it is highly recommended to tap the solar energy. We are actually generating the solar energy in single digit percent on the overall production of electricity in India. This is interconnected with the fuel price hike where many didn't understand it.
Imagine if half the production of electricity is from solar energy then the Indian economy will boom.

3) Burn the laziness and earn the profit

People willing to spend more hours in the gym but not willing to change their mindset to go green. Walking 10K steps is good for the heart and save the petrol charges. In our discussion, 90% of the team members are using their own bikes and cars for daily travels. Even for the distance of less than a KM, they prefer bikes. So we did a small calculation.

25 people own a bike and they prefer bike for 90% of the travel.
10 people own a car as well as bike, most of their travel say 80% by car and 10% by bike.
Usage of public transports or cycles is almost zero.
If they totally changed the situation as 10% of the travel by own vehicles and 90% by public transports, cycles or walk. The result is astonishing. Many of the bike riders will save 30,000 INR per year. People who use a car will save around 50,000 INR per year.
So in a single team,
25X30000= 7,50,000
total of 12,50,000. We didn't say banish the own vehicles. We are saying use it in emergency time. Not proper time management and laziness are the main reason for this current situation.


Our team discussion is really helpful in sorting out some of the problems in the society. In this current topic, we have a lot to add. We will write follow up post but first, our team is planning to implement the changes for now. In the future post, we will add how to buy new solar panels, how to generate fund, benefits of mechanical works, etc. Please follow this space.

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Mirai Botnet: Sale in the dark web:

An IoT botnet is a collection of compromised IoT devices such as routers, cameras, wearables and other embedded technology that is infected with malware. It permits an attacker to hold them and carry out tasks just like a traditional PC botnet. They have been behind some of the most damaging cyberattacks versus organizations around the globe, including hospitals, national transport links, communication companies, and political movements.

Indicator of compromise 
Currently, we got a list of the suspicious domain, please use them to detect Mirai botnet

  • godnet[.]godnigga[.]eu
  • nexusaquariums[.]ir
  • miraibotnet[.]cf
  • power4you[.]ddns[.]net
  • serversrus[.]club
  • santasbigcandycane[.]cx
  • network[.]bigbotpein[.]com
  • proxy[.]bigbotpein[.]com
  • cnc[.]smokemethallday[.]tk
  • report[.]smokemethallday[.]tk
  • misaboatnet[.]pw
  • snicker[.]ir
  • dopeassnet[.]tk
  • scan[.]snowondex[.]org
  • back[.]uu8889[.]com
  • rpt[.]uu8889[.]com
  • 165[.]227[.]220[.]202
  • thonder[.]club
  • flapik[.]pro
  • blueandsausesfries[.]us
  • smithre[.]top
  • bursts[.]pro
  • nnn[.]shenron[.]pw
  • rrr[.]shenron[.]pw
  • zetastress[.]net
  • scan[.]snowondex[.]net

Recent trends:
Very recently, malware researcher spotted the Mirai botnet sale in the dark web. Please refer the following snapshot of the sale in the dark web.

This sale is a wake-up call for organization around the world to combat against Mirai Botnet. If the sale is high then it will be disastrous due to the range of attack.

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NOTE: Please keep up the general advice to be followed:

  • Change the default OEM credentials and ensure that passwords meet the minimum complexity.
  • Disable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) unless absolutely necessary. Implement account lockout policies to reduce the risk of brute forcing attacks.
  • Telnet and SSH should be disabled on the device if there is no requirement of remote management.
  • Configure VPN and SSH to access device if remote access is required.
  • Configure certificate-based authentication for telnet client for remote management of devices.

Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli - Coincidence: Interesting Facts which will blow your mind:

Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsmen ever played for India and the greatest of all time cricketer. After his retirement, a young player from India who taken his pressure in the shoulder and won many matches for team Indian. He is none other than Virat Kohli.

When we see the stats of Sachin and Kohli, we spot a much interesting coincidence between them. These coincidences are very interesting and surely will blow your mind!!!

1) Their first man of the match award in the WC:
Sachin & Kohli Both Won 1st M.O.M Award In WC Against Pakistan
Sachin In 1992
Kohli In 2015

2) Only Indian captains to win an orange cap in IPL:
- Sachin & Kohli Only Indian Captains To Win Orange Cap In IPL
Sachin In 2010 (His Team Is Finalist)
Kohli In 2016 (His Team Is Finalist)

3) Their first international test century:
- Sachin Smashed 1st Test Century In 14th Test Inning (119* vs Eng)
Kohli Smashed 1st Test Century In 14th Test Inning (116 vs Aus)

4) Their double century on the same date:
- 26 Nov 2000
Sachin Smashed Double Century In Test (201* vs Zim)

26 Nov 2017
Kohli Smashed Double Century In Test (213 vs SL)

5) Centuries in the same venue on the same date:
- 6 January 1992
Sachin Smashed Test Century at Sydney (148* vs Aus)

6 January 2015
Kohli Smashed Test Century at Sydney (147 vs Aus)

6) 58th International century versus the same opponent and the same scoring rate:
- Sachin's 58th International Century Is Against Eng (Scored 103 Off 197 Balls) In 2001

- Kohli's 58th International Century Is Against Eng (Scored 103 Off 197 Balls) In 2018

7) Only Indian captains to smash double century against NewZealand:
- Sachin & Kohli Only Indian Captains To Smash Double Century vs NZ

Sachin 217 In 1999
Kohli 211 In 2016

8) Only Indian captains to smash 150+ against South Africa:
- Sachin & Kohli Only Indian Captains To Smash 150+ against SA

Sachin 169 In 1997 (Capetown)
Kohli 153 In 2018 (Centurion)

9) Saddest moments:
Even in the saddest moment of life on these players, Sachin and Virat have a coincidence:

- Sachin Lost His father In 1999 (During WC)
Then Back To England to play WC After 3 days (Smashed 140* vs Kenya)

- Kohli Lost his father in 2006 (On Next Day, he went on to play Ranji trophy and scored 90* & saved Delhi from losing)

10) Love towards Father

Sachin Made His ODI Debut On his father's Bday  (18 Dec 1989) & His Middle name Ramesh is his father name

Kohli's father Died on Dec 18, 2006, Kohli age is 18
(Kohli use 18 No. Jersy for his father)

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Top Ten Quotes on Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest cricketers of all time. He is often referred as Master Blaster, little master, God of Cricket. All other players, critics quoted on Sachin time to time. Lets here Top 10 quotes on Sachin Tendulkar.

10. “If Sachin bats well, India sleeps well” — Harsha Bhogle

9. “Even if my grandchildren don’t remember the fact that I scored 10,000 runs in One Day and Test cricket, they will surely remember the fact that I was a teammate of Sachin Tendulkar.” - Rahul Dravid

8. "We did not lose to a team called India, we lost to a man called Sachin.” — Mark Taylor
(During Test Match In 1997)

7. "I have delayed my shoots many times to watch Sachin bat" – Amitabh Bachchan

6. "You Get Him Out And Half The Battle Is Won" - Arjun Ranatunga

5. “I don’t know cricket, I don’t know how Sachin plays. But I still try to watch him play because I want to know why my country’s economy goes down 0.5% when he’s batting.” — Barack Obama (former US President)

4. "I Want My Son To Become Sachin Tendulkar" - Brian Lara

3. “There are two kinds of batsmen in the world. One, Sachin Tendulkar. Two, all the others.” — Andy Flower

2. "I have seen God, he bats at no. 4 for India.” — Matthew Hayden

1. "I See Myself When I See Sachin Batting" - Don Bradman

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For the list of hundreds scored by Sachin Tendulkar in Test cricket:

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IBM 3380 - World's First GB Disk Drive (1980)

The IBM 3380 was the world's first gigabyte-capacity disk drive (1980). Two 1.26 GB, head disk assemblies (essentially two HDDs) were packaged in a cabinet the size of a refrigerator, weighed 455 kg (1000 lb), and had a price tag of 81,000 USD (Model B4) which is 240,579 USD for today, taking inflation in the calculation.
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foldable Smartphone!? What year is it?

Samsung is setting up to launch a foldable smartphone later this year. Samsung CEO DJ Koh implied the gadget could be revealed at Samsung’s developer conference which going to be held in November. Samsung CEO acknowledged that this gadget is not easy to design, with the help of the hard works of engineers, designers it actually achieved this milestone. There is a talk going in the mobile phone industry as Samsung will launch this mystic gadget under the Galaxy Note family.

Samsung is not the only one to tap this height, other competitors also trying the similar designs in smartphone and TV.

The future is near!!!

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Arnold Sleeping under statue: Is he really not getting hotel room?

There is a post on facebook which revolves around more than years which attracts many users to share it on their walls. Let's see what is the post about:

Famed actor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a photo of himself sleeping on the street under his famous bronze statue, and sadly wrote "How times have changed"...
The reason he wrote the phrase was not only because he was old, but because when he was governor of California he inaugurated a hotel with his statue. Hotel staff told Arnold, "at any moment you can come and have a room reserved for you." when Arnold stepped down as governor and went to the hotel, the administration refused to give him a room arguing that he should pay for it, since they were in great demand.
He brought a sleeping bag and stood underneath the statue and explained what he wanted to convey: "When I was in an important position, they always complimented me, and when I lost this position, they forgot about me and did not keep their promise. Do not trust your position or the amount of money you have, nor your power, nor your intelligence, it will not last. "
Trying to teach everyone that when you're "Important" in the people's eyes , everyone is your "Friend " But once you don't benefit their interests , you won't matter.
" You are not always who you think you will always be, nothing lasts forever."

One of our members is a great fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and he follows all his news on the daily basis. We showed this post and he shouted this is fabricated story. He shared the real Instagram post from Arnold Schwarzenegger and the truth is:

Arnold mentioned it as how times have changed and the rest of the stories revolving around in the social media is fake.

Fact Check:
The post mentioned it as the hotel in California. But this photo was taken in Greater Columbus Convention Center, Ohio.

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Setting up breakpoints in VirtualAlloc and VirtualProtect during malware analysis:

 Malware analysts add breakpoints in functions like `VirtualProtect` and `VirtualAlloc` for several key reasons: Understanding Malware Behav...