How to resolve fuel price hike in India?


We are currently experiencing the worst phase of the fuel price range in the Indian market. when we look closer to the prevailing situation this is a known economy case, demand, and supply. The rates of petrol and diesel are increasing day by day, it is not the fault of Union Government or State rulers, it is the problem of increase in the demand and unable to match the frequency of supply. So our team indulged in serious of brainstorming discussions and we exchanged quality of ideas and thoughts on how to reduce the fuel price in India or how not to depend on fossil fuels or non-renewable energies.

Views of our team discussion

1) New Cars and Bikes

Each year, we have seen a sharp hike in the usage of bikes and cars which powered by fossil fuels. In India, the number of people from poor class is moving to the middle class, and the middle class people are moving to upper middle class whereas an existing upper middle class people moved to rich class. This flow is going in an exponential manner and it sabotages the fuel price further. The reason is people not investing the money only in assets and but buying new vehicles, especially higher end models, luxurious brands. They often consume more fuel and not economical. Imagine the flow, if more people end up buying new bikes and cars every year definitely going to hike the price of the fuel. Wait, so you mean you want to restrict the vehicle production and sales? Never. We didn't say restrict them. Even the Union Government increased the taxes for luxurious car brands to stop this effect. But it didn't work well.

So what is the solution?
It is very simple. People need to change their mindset and try to use public transport. So change in mindset needed that public transport is the way to live economically and improve the environmental condition. Imagine, if more than 70% of private vehicle users started using public transport or other modes of transport like cycles, or by walks, we can spot a huge change in the environment and it will definitely control the supply and demand balance.

2) Tapping renewable energy resources

The sad part of the renewable energy in India is that we are not actually tapping the full potential of the renewable energy resources. In many countries, the lobbyists are not allowing the federal governments to move towards renewable energy because of Oil Barons and their control in the market.

So how we can tap the renewable energy?
The first step is installing solar panels in the most of the rooftops is the must. In general, many electricity productions directly depend on fossil fuels and petroleum products. So to limit this in to control it is highly recommended to tap the solar energy. We are actually generating the solar energy in single digit percent on the overall production of electricity in India. This is interconnected with the fuel price hike where many didn't understand it.
Imagine if half the production of electricity is from solar energy then the Indian economy will boom.

3) Burn the laziness and earn the profit

People willing to spend more hours in the gym but not willing to change their mindset to go green. Walking 10K steps is good for the heart and save the petrol charges. In our discussion, 90% of the team members are using their own bikes and cars for daily travels. Even for the distance of less than a KM, they prefer bikes. So we did a small calculation.

25 people own a bike and they prefer bike for 90% of the travel.
10 people own a car as well as bike, most of their travel say 80% by car and 10% by bike.
Usage of public transports or cycles is almost zero.
If they totally changed the situation as 10% of the travel by own vehicles and 90% by public transports, cycles or walk. The result is astonishing. Many of the bike riders will save 30,000 INR per year. People who use a car will save around 50,000 INR per year.
So in a single team,
25X30000= 7,50,000
total of 12,50,000. We didn't say banish the own vehicles. We are saying use it in emergency time. Not proper time management and laziness are the main reason for this current situation.


Our team discussion is really helpful in sorting out some of the problems in the society. In this current topic, we have a lot to add. We will write follow up post but first, our team is planning to implement the changes for now. In the future post, we will add how to buy new solar panels, how to generate fund, benefits of mechanical works, etc. Please follow this space.

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