Wednesday, September 30, 2020

IOC for Guildma Malware

SHA256 values of Guildma dropper (malware):

  • cbcb8717dd2bf61581ad3847422ab41d077f45ab5804c60052d4ce1da437f5c5
  • 6daf43959466c5cb0a9bef548c5e4c5c985d0746633cdff2e9e69578313e6a84
  • 98c2d92c4dc26b41b8c38f8fe3723a6874b13a2577d52ccda9e35147c9f27e0f
  • b9252c513ee1883bc7f85ce1de4b2aed31c9d423cc1b03fb3bf28d0324632c56

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