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Importance of training both fists for punching

Recently I have been watching a Tamil flick, Master, acted by Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi. It's a good action film and one of the highest gross Tamil film in the year 2021. I want to give a few details which I observed in this movie. The character of Vijay Sethupathi, Bhavani, was in the juvenile detention facility and been tortured by the warden (as instructed by the killers of Bhavani's parents). After getting numerous beatings from the detention facility warden, he started punching the wall as practice. He always uses his right-hand fist to punch the wall. 

Punching exercise will create a microfracture in the knuckles and grow stronger. Like I mentioned he always use the right-hand fist for training and never shown using the left arm fist for punching. In several scenes, he faces his enemy and beaten with his strong right-hand punch. Mostly a single punch create devastating damage to his enemies. 

All the greatest boxers are known for generating good power from both hands. That is one step closer to becoming legendary boxers. In the apex scene, he needs to face the protagonist, Vijay, in his role as JD, a college professor, known for college fights. JD is known for using tactics, one could easily be seen from the college politics scene how he managed to filter the thugs from the student's group. 

When JD and Bhavani faceoff in the climax fight, Bhavani appears to generate more power using his right-hand punch training. JD got a brutal attack and almost collapsed. But JD somehow manages to stand up for one more round. This time he understands the strength and weakness of Bhavani. Yes, Bhavani got strong right arm punching power. So, JD used a trick to damage it. (Please watch the fight scene, you will understand. It is available on Amazon prime). After the damage to his right-hand knuckles, Bhavani couldn't fight anymore. If he trained both the hand for punching, he could have won the fight, and the movie might end up with a different story.

This article is just to showcase the importance of the training for non-dominant hand, so it might be helpful in close quarters.

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How Bailey bridge supported the allied forces to overpower the axis in the world war II?

World War II - backdrop

When two sides fight with nothing to stop them, a clear winner emerges quickly. In reality, however, there are still obstacles between the two parties. There were two main sides in World War II during the unfortunate period last century: the Allies and the Axis. 

  1. The United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, and a few other nations made up the Allied Powers. 
  2. Germany, Italy, and Japan were the principal Axis powers. 

The Axis powers were retreating toward the end of World War II, while the Allies pressed forward against them. The Axis couldn't stand a chance against the Allies. The Allies had access to armaments that the Axis couldn't match thanks to US support. The Allies had an air force capable of going deep into Axis territory. 

The Allies had an air force capable of flying deep into Axis territory and dropping bombs. Airborne bombs can do a lot of damage. However, they are never enough to truly defeat the opposing side. For a war to truly have a winner and a loser, one side must control the land. Tanks are the only way to control land, according to defence experts. Nothing else works. There are only tanks. The Axis side possessed a formidable tank known as the Tiger tank. The Allies devised a solution: the Churchill tank. 

Churchill tank

Without going into too much detail, it was absolutely monstrous. The Axis powers pulled off a neat trick here. They couldn't stand a chance against the Churchill tank. What if the Churchill tank never arrived? Europe's terrain is dotted with numerous small rivers and streams. They destroyed almost all of the bridges that crossed them. Churchill's tank weighed 36 tonnes (your average hatchback car weighs 1 ton, to give some context). 

What is the best way for a tank to cross a river? No, it does not. It requires a bridge. It didn't matter if the Churchill tank existed or not without a bridge. What is the other option? Soldiers can cross rivers and streams on boats pulled by light vehicles such as Jeeps. Unfortunately, those soldiers in Jeeps would come face to face with a tank as they crossed the river. No less a tank than the Tiger tank. The only way forward was to construct a bridge. How long does that process take? At least a couple of months? 

Bailey bridge

A conventional bridge is not something that any army has time for. As a result, they devised an unusual one. Bailey's bridge. A Bailey bridge resembles a Lego toy. Its main component is a rectangular structure with two 45-degree squares inside it. Pins can be used to join these pieces together. Each of these weighed no more than 250 kg. This meant that it could be raised by 6 people without the use of cranes. It also meant that it could be transported to far-flung locations in small trucks. A Baliey bridge can be built in a matter of hours by a military unit without use of cranes. It is now used by many armies all across the world. Yes, the Indian Army employs it as well. By the way, these bridges are quite strong and durable. They are capable of transporting the Churchill tank. Without delving too deeply into tragic wartime tales, the Bailey bridge allowed the Allies to use their tanks. Except for one thing, the Allied had done everything correctly. 


When that missing link was observed, they were ready to use whatever else they had done correctly. You can do everything accurately, and though none of that will matter if key parts are not accomplished.


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Friday, March 12, 2021

Biology Weekly - An interesting YouTube Channel on genetics (Tamil and English)

 Recently, I found an interesting YouTube Channel on genetics, titled Biology Weekly.

After seeing this channel, I actually want to make a blog about a few things which I really cared about all the time. But first, my views on this channel. It was founded by Vandana Revathi, who holds a PhD in evolutionary biology. The channel is newly started and she frequently uploaded very informative videos as presentation slides and followed by her explanation. All the topics are covered in both Tamil and English so that her contents could be reached to both Tamil and non-Tamil speakers. It is too early to compare whether this channel will be evolved with more followers like LMES or Mr GK, but this is the only Tamil YouTube biology-based channel started by a PhD holder (First PhD holder Tamil YouTube channel was founded by Dr Jithendra, which as more than one million subscribers and titled as Psychology in Tamil). 

The whole idea of creating a blog post on these YouTube channels is pretty simple because I support science people. I usually spent quality time seeing YouTube videos from other parts of the world. Now it is the time to support my people who share great ideas via videos on social media. If we started our support to them, they can work on bringing quality content.

An interesting fact: Dr Vandana is the daughter of the famous scientist, science communicator Dr T. V. Venkateshwaran.

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