Friday, March 12, 2021

Biology Weekly - An interesting YouTube Channel on genetics (Tamil and English)

 Recently, I found an interesting YouTube Channel on genetics, titled Biology Weekly.

After seeing this channel, I actually want to make a blog about a few things which I really cared about all the time. But first, my views on this channel. It was founded by Vandana Revathi, who holds a PhD in evolutionary biology. The channel is newly started and she frequently uploaded very informative videos as presentation slides and followed by her explanation. All the topics are covered in both Tamil and English so that her contents could be reached to both Tamil and non-Tamil speakers. It is too early to compare whether this channel will be evolved with more followers like LMES or Mr GK, but this is the only Tamil YouTube biology-based channel started by a PhD holder (First PhD holder Tamil YouTube channel was founded by Dr Jithendra, which as more than one million subscribers and titled as Psychology in Tamil). 

The whole idea of creating a blog post on these YouTube channels is pretty simple because I support science people. I usually spent quality time seeing YouTube videos from other parts of the world. Now it is the time to support my people who share great ideas via videos on social media. If we started our support to them, they can work on bringing quality content.

An interesting fact: Dr Vandana is the daughter of the famous scientist, science communicator Dr T. V. Venkateshwaran.

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