Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Practice Emotional Detachment - A Wonderful Lesson for Everyone!

 Practice emotional detachment in everything. React with a few seconds delay and evaluate if you really want to spend that energy in reacting, it includes all the emotions. We are manipulated by society to react in a certain way. Over a period of time, most of the instances seem to be not your natural reaction, it was gained over a period of time. If you observe a child, you will understand the natural emotional state of a human. Take a few children as a sample and identify the pattern. That's natural human behaviour. All our behaviours are social reactions and do not serve the purpose of making us, high performers. As you are constantly manipulating your emotions, you are cheating your own self. So, you are in a failure mindset throughout the day as you are forced to behave in a certain way. The sad part is you don't know that this is happening. It all happens in a microsecond. To overcome this and become a high performer and express your true self, you need to have a complete awareness of your reactions and emotions. Delay them. Stay neutral without reacting and react only when you mean to. It will be tough to start, but over a period of time, you will master it. Neutral, dumb, no reaction face is OK. Many won't accept your new way of life, don't fall prey to them. It is again a societal norm to carry a smiling face. Neutral is real. When you are born you actually cry. When you are peacefully sleeping your face is neutral. When you are very productive your face is neutral. And a lot more. Think. 

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Wisdom gained from my friend Karthik Nagarajan

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