Sunday, November 13, 2022

Your tax payment is still due: What are the steps to take? (Income tax India)


Recently, one of my friends received this email from the income tax India department. He told me that he paid for it in the month of June. But he doesn’t have the payment challan with him. The Indian IT department has the worst practice in that if someone paid the tax, they need to manually submit the challan details on the response page. If you have the Challan, then visit the site: click the pending task > outstanding response > here you can agree whether this payment is due or not. If you need to pay, you can pay directly using net banking and you need to submit the challan details as the attachment (as well as internal contents in the details box – which is total nonsense in the digital era).

Note: Please use this article as educational content and share it with the folks who are currently dealing with the payment due.

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