What is world wide web?

World Wide Web is abbreviated as WWW or W3 and usually seen it before website name. Eg: www.google.com
Imagine a web which is interconnected in the network. If the network is connected over millions of computers and hand held devices to exchange information based on the request. Yes, that

request is HTTP (hyper text transfer protocol). Sometimes, you might seen 'HTTPS', secured way (S for

secured). Probably, you seen them while logging in to your gmail, microsoft accounts,etc.

Eg: "https://gmail.com" -secured, since you are giving password for email account. So, it need to be

secured. Suppose, you are accessing my blog, it won't show you https. it will be "http://edison.newworld.blogspot.com"

Few years back, facebook.com was running without https. Now they are going in secured way! I m glad on that!

In next post, i will give you more details on WWW.

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