How the term debugging is started in usage?

what is debugging?

The term debugging is very famous in computer world, checking the errors in the software program and removing it.

What is software?
A collection of programs which does prescribed task. You can say an application as software (application software) and say an system programs also a software (system software).

what is programs (computer programs)?

Set of instruction which can be executed to done the purpose for the program is created. If you write a program to find the sum or difference between 2 numbers is a program. To print a text, also a program.

Lets come to what is debugging again...
when the programmer writes a program, it is obivious that bugs might be there. So they will go in to process called debugging by finding the errors and removing it. Debugging is the great way to learn more about how the program flows.

Why the term debugging comes?

Bug means insect. But software programmers say 'bug' means 'error'. Actually, it was started in the 1940's. The creator of the famous computer called 'Mark I' doing their regular works in the Mark I. But one day, it was showing irregular behavior. They started inspecting. Remember, those machines are not like our desktop or laptops. So they started inspecting their machine. They keep on looking and finally they goes to the relays. In that relays, they found a moth. Yes, a moth (insect). It changed the whole history. They removed the moth and checked the 'Mark I'. Now its working fine.

 That day, they made a small note as follows: "Mark I is debugged successfully, today!" - they removed the moth successfully.

Wow, from that moment of time, the term debugging started its journey!

Still, i am debugging :)

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