Monday, April 25, 2016

Mistake is an opportunity!

Mistake is an opportunity!

Every billionaire in this world, admits that mistake is an opportunity to start the things freshly. Let me drag some events from history.

Thomas Alva Edison is one of the greatest scientist and my favorite entrepreneur. Yes, he is an entrepreneur. Whenever his experiment results in failure, he says i found something which was not working. That's the idea. When he fails 1000's of time during the research on electric bulb, he mentioned - I found 1000's of things, not working. He used his mistake as an opportunity.
 He did it! 

I want to give one of personal experience with a company which sells goods in online. I placed my order for iphone 3G in that online shopping site. But, after one week span- they came up and say, sorry due to the some reason the product can't be delivered. I frustrated and scold them.

If they didn't correct the mistake, they will loss the customer and the reputation. So, they ask me to wait for 3-5 days, we will come with solution. Finally, i got the IPhone at the 5th day. I was surprised- it was not Iphone 3G and it was Iphone 3Gs. There was a letter in the mobile box, sorry for inconvenience and we upgraded to 3GS for you, please accept our apology. I was happy.

 That's the way to glow, if you take mistake is an opportunity!
(I say about the iphone event to my friends, and started giving good opinion to others about that online shopping site. )


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