Three ways to become Millionaire

A person who holds more than million dollars (USD) of asset value such as property, stocks, vehicles and cash in the bank. At least 90% of the people in this world definitely have the thoughts to become millionaire at any point in their lifetime. Next question arises in everyone mind is it achievable and if so then how to become millionaire.

Let we breakdown it to three ways to become millionaire:
  • ·         Side lane
  • ·         Slow lane
  • ·         Fast lane

These three ways help people to achieve the millionaire status in some point of their life. What are these lanes and what it actually means?
These lanes are paths to the same goal, it is like travelling to same destination via different ways. We will explain each of these lane and what it actually takes in these lane. First one is side lane in our list.

Side lane
If you got athletic ability then you can choose the side lane. Side lane is the path for people who have prominent performance in the sports. If you know boxing well then you can spend more time on practising the boxing and earn millions of dollar in a match. Problem with this lane, people who perform well in the sports not getting received pay cheque after they stops play due to poor money management. We can give hundreds of athletes’ name who not get paid after their heyday or peak time ended.

Pros of side lane:
Reaching greater fame in short period.
Even earn millions per year and million for each season.

Cons of side lane:
Prime time or peak time is very much limited.
Sports person most of the time have poor money management.

Slow lane
Slow lane is very easiest way to become millionaire but it is also the slowest way to reach destination. This is for general population who lacks athletic ability and creative thinking. Joining a good institution and study any craft or interested course and getting job as office worker. If they save five to ten percentage per year, then invest them in banks and stocks. It will yield them millionaire status during retirement time.

Pros of slow lane:
Steady growth
More chances of reaching the goal

Cons of slow lane:
Reaching time of the goal is almost take lifetime.

Fast lane
This is rocket speed lane. In this lane, you need to give more value for the society so that it will return. Take the examples of Gates, Jobs, Musk, Zuckerberg and Page: they all give more to the society. If you have the creativity, dedication to the core will give you the leading edge. Suppose if you solve the cure for diseases like cancer and AIDS. Then you will become not just millionaire and end up as billionaire.

Pros of fast lane:
No need to wait for life time to reach the goal.
Enormous wealth in short span.

Cons of fast lane:
Only thing is you need to be very hard worker and risk taker. Most of the time end up in spending more time on research, study the needs and focus more time on business meeting which includes satisfying the customer, investor and your employees.

Please choose wisely and reach your goal. Becoming millionaire is in your hand, your decision only makes what you are going to be. But the last lane even make you billionaire. 

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Anonymous said…
wonderful article.
Thanks for sharing.
Albert said…
why scientist are unable to use fast lane?
why so?
newworld said…
@albert, I agree your point. But actually scientists are able to earn million dollars for their invention and they are using fast lane. And they are not making billion dollars, which you mentioned as scientist are not making fast lane.

Thanks for the comments.

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