Monday, January 10, 2022

Alienware - my dream comes true!

There are so many popular sayings on how important is one have a dream on a goal. It might be anything like achieving financial freedom, a dream house, or even buying an expensive gadget. Recently I was reading a book called the power of the subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy. The core concept of that book is one who firmly believed in some goal or destination to reach and their subconscious mind will connect with supreme being for positive results. I and my friend were working in the malware research lab in the past. We have the habit of regularly visiting one website and checking a product, it is the "Alienware" website. We like to have that machine for our malware analysis lab but our pay scale and the Alienware laptop cost difference is huge. 
And there is no high IQ ******* in India, as you find in the first episode of "The big bang theory" where Sheldon and Leonard go for selling of **** for their extra bandwidth connections in the apartment. We never had such plans to buy a laptop. Back to the topic, I certainly started believing that one day, I could definitely buy the Alienware laptop for my malware research work. Finally, it happened last week. There is a popular shopping mall in Chennai called VR Mall and it has all the branded items from computers to garments, toys to books, you name it. Over there, I visited the Dell store to check for the latest Alienware laptop. The store manager showed the detail online only which I already saw in the home (since I regularly visit the Alienware website). 

My younger brother accompanied me during the visit who instigated me that why not try the latest Macbook pro M1 Max or M1 pro. My response was simply that I love to have Mac but not a laptop and only an iMac (the desktop version). The next stop was whether to go with Intel or AMD. Most of the time I had intel in my laptops (both official and personal), so I decided to go AMD.

At the moment of discussion, pricing details are done and it costs around 1.37 lac. Given all my details and swiped my card. I was eager to get the machine on the same day, but Alienware will have the policy of delivering after a week of order. So the store manager explained the process of the delivery of the machine in the home but within a week they called me to collect it from the same store. We visited and experienced the supercool laptop which I dreamed of so long.

Spec details
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • SSD: 512 GB
  • Graphics: R3050 TI
  • Operating System: Windows 11
Additionally, application software like MS office package and Mcafee AV comes with the purchase.

Calling my friend - Malware researcher Reegun Richard
Informed him that it finally happened and as a friend, he was very happy with what I got. A true friend does it all the time. 

The core Message of this post is not to show that I bought Alienware but to give the impression that you can achieve your desired goals if you have patience and self-belief.

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