Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Indians, please- Stop going for sweeping jobs to other country!

  Plenty of Indians are working in the abroad instead of working in the country. They all say the same things that we don't get paid much here, when compare to other countries.

- Please understand onething, its all because currency value is differ.

Let me clear- In Malaysia, Indians get paid for waiter jobs- they getting nearly 1000 RM (malaysian units). It is around 17000 Indian Rupee. Seems double the amount you are getting paid.
But, you are missing your family and it will end up in stressful life. I know how unskilled labours are treated in the other countries.

If you instead of paying your ticket and visa cost, you could use that money and small scale industry in India. If atleast 50% of the expatriates return back to India and start doing some small scale industry, they could become properator and no more sweeper or construction site workers!

It is good for you, your family and also our country.

Now, saudi Arabia started send off other country workers to their homes respectively. This is the good sign for saudi arabia. And it seems not good sign for Indians coming home. But actually, it is a good sign for India too!


so choose your skill, start investing your money time for India:

If we all started doing this, our currency value surpass the KUWAIT DINAR easily.

Afterwards, malaysian people started coming to India for the job. It will happen one day, if Indians started utilising their human resources for India!
Soon, more indians become billionaire!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is really facebook have 1 billion active users?

 Even from office boy to managing director, every body having a facebook account. Person who doesn't have account in bank also have a facebook account.

Alexa ranks facebook as 2nd most visited site. Forbes list Mark Zukerberg as young billionaire. Its all because facebook have one billion users (active).

But true calculation never say it have 1 billion user. Facebook claims it have one billion active users in the site, but anyone have seen the traffic data!
Answer is no.

Firstly, i want to clear you all that active user means- account of person is not deactivated. It is meant as active users. Facebook running nearly 8 years from its establishment. Plenty of middle age people died in accident. Their facebook accounts are still running and the status is active. Recently, facebook showing my office mate from other team, people you may know- "want to add as your friend". That pal actually passed away 3 months back. So, facebook calculate the dead people as their active members. (Here i m saying they don't have sense of humor).

Second- Plenty of my friends used to create the facebook accounts for their parents. But those old people not interested in using this site. There are plenty of unused accounts found in the facebook, they also calculated as their users.

Third- Hacked accounts. Plenty of people lost their accounts due to malware, hacking and phising authors. So, the owner of the account lost their previlage and they go for new account. Since, it is free service.

Fourth- Novice users. These buddies forgot their credentials or they don't know what we have to do in facebook, due to the friends words- they created accounts.

Finally, fake users. I even heard from many friends- they have atleast 3-5 fake accounts. They all mainly doing this to make some practical joke with their friends. (Morons).

Recent surveys claims, the active user in the site will be only 55-60 percentage of the active users claimed. So, it meant - they are not technically or practically billion customers. But, Mark Zukerberg is still billionaire.

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