Saturday, April 30, 2016

What's her number? (Comedy Short Film)

A Tamil comedy short film about Arjun, who loses the last two digits of a girl's phone number and whether he succeeds in finding it. 

A simple plot yet an interesting short film!!

Title: What's her number?
Story - Screenplay - Direction : Arvind Kumar
Cast: Sidharth Varma | Ambrish Prasad | Aswini K 
Editing: Arjun Manohar
Cinematography- Sooraj S Anand
Associate Director: Srikanth Cheeka
Assistant Directors: Omprakash Ujjwal, Murali
Make-up for the artists: Anantha Chittila
Sound Mixing: Sandy
Script inputs: Ranjith Unnikrishnan
Voice-over: Sheik Mohamed Shakeel and Gayathry Sankaran
Media Partner : Mediaexpress
Location courtesy: La Cucina Restaurant, Kilpauk
Soundtracks: selected from (with the director's official contract)

Finally, they released the short film on Apr 29th 2016.

Here is the short film:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dark Seoul Implant with zero detection:

Famous Malware researcher Snorre Fagerland tweeted that dark seoul implant having zero detection in Virustotal.

Here is the VT link:

At this time of writing, 0/56 in VT. i.e. No antivirus vendor flagged this implant.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mistake is an opportunity!

Mistake is an opportunity!

Every billionaire in this world, admits that mistake is an opportunity to start the things freshly. Let me drag some events from history.

Thomas Alva Edison is one of the greatest scientist and my favorite entrepreneur. Yes, he is an entrepreneur. Whenever his experiment results in failure, he says i found something which was not working. That's the idea. When he fails 1000's of time during the research on electric bulb, he mentioned - I found 1000's of things, not working. He used his mistake as an opportunity.
 He did it! 

I want to give one of personal experience with a company which sells goods in online. I placed my order for iphone 3G in that online shopping site. But, after one week span- they came up and say, sorry due to the some reason the product can't be delivered. I frustrated and scold them.

If they didn't correct the mistake, they will loss the customer and the reputation. So, they ask me to wait for 3-5 days, we will come with solution. Finally, i got the IPhone at the 5th day. I was surprised- it was not Iphone 3G and it was Iphone 3Gs. There was a letter in the mobile box, sorry for inconvenience and we upgraded to 3GS for you, please accept our apology. I was happy.

 That's the way to glow, if you take mistake is an opportunity!
(I say about the iphone event to my friends, and started giving good opinion to others about that online shopping site. )



Once again, hi to all the future and present billionaires reads this post. In the last post, we talk about how to think like a billionaire. Today, we going to understand about approach called “Think outside the box!” This is a very positive trait of every billionaires world seen.

Let’s move on-
Think you are in a situation to bring up a solution for a problem. You will come with good one, but it doesn’t satisfy the demands. At that point, you feel it is the best solution. But, the truth is the best solution will satisfy the demands.

If you look at a stone as problem, that stone might cover your whole eye sight and vision of the outside world. So, just bring a step back the stone and you will realise the size of the problem is very small! Think outside the box is similar kind of perspective to the problems and solution.

Look at the best example for think outside the box-

3X3 dot puzzle (9 dots)

Problem is- you have to connect all the 9 dots without taking out the pen from the line and only 4 lines allowed to draw.

Many people try out in the same way… and started hitting the walls, it can’t be solved.

Think different… solution is below.

Think like a billionaire!


 What it means…! If you want to become an billionaire, you first need to think like them!

How to think like a billionaire?
Simple, you need to think about the future and think every moment as opportunity. There is no rule like everyone can’t be a billionaire, but people never tried.
In a TV show, anchor posted a question as follows:
If God comes before you and ask a wish then what will be your wish?
80 percentage of People replied: I will ask him $10k to 50k.
Remaining people said: luxury cars and houses.
If you asked the same question to a billionaire:
They will reply: Give me a thousand wishes. Pretty cool !
And even some asks market predicators of the future or future prices for all the stocks for next 50 years.

Now you might understand my point. Billionaires think differently, and not like ordinary. Suppose if an ordinary person start think like a billionaire… He would ask the price list of stocks for the future and invested successfully- which leads him billionaire status easily!

Billionaires always make themselves in positive approach. They are always looking every moment as opportunity. (Please try to think like them, you will find new ways in the path).

In the coming posts, I will give you the details about the approach called “Think outside the box”.

Post by- Newworld

Who is billionaire?

First of all, we need to understand who is billionaire?!
Because, play the game after you clear with the rules...!

The person who have the wealth or business which values more or equal to 1000 million USD or 1 billion USD or 100 crore American Dollar (Not 1 billion Zimbabwe dollar).

If you read forbes list of billionaires and their wealth... you will get the idea about how their business and how they earned such a name as billionaire!

They don't store their money in locker or save their money in savings account. They are the people who don't allow their money to sleep in the locker and they made it to work for them!

Thanks to the inflation. In the past decade, we seen the billionaire list is growing! Half decade before, it was just 600-700 billionaires in our planet!
But now, it was 1K billionaries!
In next post, we will see about some bench mark billionaires!

- Newworld

Monday, April 18, 2016

Anger – wasting of energy

In last article, we saw about channelizing your anger. In this article, we are going see some mythological stuffs related to anger.

Check the following questions:
  • -          Whom we got anger?
  • -          Why we got anger?
  • -          What is the use of showing anger?
  • -          How to control the anger?

To answer all this question, anger management is the only solution.

In Hindu mythology,
There are three areas:
  • -          Kailash area
  • -          Vishnu area
  • -          Heaven (Indhiran area)

In heaven, Indhiran is insecure about his post. He won’t allow saint Viswamitra to surpass the highest meditation level. Here anger is the point to spoil the Viswamitra’s aim and used as weapon by Indhiran.

In kailash area, where no hungry, there is no fight between snake, eagle, rat, bull, peacock and tiger. If one is anger in Kailash, mostly they will be out of kailash. It’s a clear point.

Three things are very important while addressing the anger management:
  1.         . Frequency of anger
  2.        .  Intensity of anger
  3.        .  Duration of anger

-If energy is going up, it is enlightenment.
-If energy is going down, it is expenditure.
-Expenditure is nothing but stress, anxiety and anger. Anger tops the list.
Anger is always an energy wasting method. It is in your head that either you choose enlightenment or expenditure.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Channelising Your Anger:

Anger is the cause of fall for many. Successful people always know how to channelizing their anger. There is a way to overcome anger instead of showing your anger. If you look in to history, angry king or judge made huge mistakes.

-          King Pandiya (Ruler of Madurai) got angry over the suspected stolen case. The case is about queen’s ornament was missing and innocent Kovalan was mistakenly suspected. The angry king given death sentence to Kovalan. Kovalan’s wife (Kannagi) erupted in anger and fired the whole Madurai City.
-          If King would have channelized his anger, the judgement might be better and history might be changed.

Anger Management:
  • -          Relaxation technique
  • -          Fist closing and opening technique
  • -          Backward counting (9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)
  • -          Deep Breathing
  • -          Imagery ( Thinking about good timings about the person
  • -          Cognitive restructuring   

Why angry is coming?
-one sided anger
-Breaking of promise by others
-Not understanding others situation
  • Remember, anger is not just psychological factor, it is physiological factor. Eg: Nutrition problem, Hormones imbalance. Matured people shows less anger.

Follow these steps during anger:
-          While anger don’t react
-          Don’t speak and just move away from that place
-          Postponing the anger will dilute your anger
-          Try 24 hour postpone of anger (at least for 15 min)
-          Breaks will helps us to keep you away from anger
-          Open minded can avoid anger


Discussion is good but arguments are bad. It will leads to anger. Always introspect your anger, you will easily overcome anger. 

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