Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Innovative Bull Cart

 Many villages in India still use bull carts for transporting paddy bags, rice bags, and other critical agricultural goods. Those villagers treat their bulls as a household member and it becomes a cultural part of their life. But in several instances, we might ask a question like does it hurt for the bull to carry such an amount of burden. Recently come across one innovative idea to tackle this issue.

This small wheel is attached to the centre of a bull cart which will reduce the huge amount of pressure on the bulls. It is happy to see these advancements and innovative ideas coming from villages in India, and it is known for a lot of scientific and mathematical advancements.

Critics and haters come up with the questions like can't they avoid bull cart if they really feel it hurts them, the answer is they are using less petrol resource in the village area. And it is hard to find the petrol pumps in the village area. Bull cart is easily available and does not pollute the environment. On top of that, many breeds of cattle are saved in Indian villages because of their domestic usage and agricultural utilisation. 

These innovative ideas will reduce animal and human efforts on a greater scale.

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