Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What World Needs Now?

Very seriously thinking about today's world and suddenly one question sparked in my mind, "what world needs now?". Ultimate question and the solution will bring up the new world. Many philanthropists, billionaires also searching the answer for the same question as a part their new business openings or giving back to the society.

Bill Gates, my role model, who is taking more care on what he give back to the society. Very active philanthropist with the support of his wife, he made journeys to several underdeveloped countries, especially African countries, in order to eradicate poverty, diseases (which can be eradicated), spending on education.

Another set of billionaires, like Elon Musk, searching for new innovative ideas to make this world a better place like ever before. Cheap Energy and renewable energy is the main concern to save our environment. Our hope lies in them that they can bring up with new ideas and have the ability to invest in those projects. It automatically leads to betterment of human life and answer to our question "what real world needs?".

Key points:
Clean Environment
Healthy food
Pure drinking water
No poverty
No starving
Renewable energy
Cheap Energy as well as renewable energy

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