Quantum Physics:

Mathematics representation and the modification of the actions among heavy object and the sub-atomic particle. Classical mechanics also need a lot of mathematics representation to understand and back the theory. Though, classical mechanics are easier than quantum mechanics. This made classical physics easier to understand. Quantum physics demands more mathematics system to firm the theory. One must have strong mathematics knowledge to understand theoretical physics.
Quantum physics requires the following mathematics system:
  • Advanced probability theory
  • Complex number
  • Partial differentiation
  • Matrix algebraic

Quantum physics is very uncertain and completely different from the normal world. We can predict the orbit of the planet but can’t predict the subatomic particle. One of the famous principles, Heisenberg uncertainty principle says that if we predict the how fast it goes then we can’t predict where that thing is, but if predict where that thing is, we can’t find how fast it goes. Pretty confusing right (FYI, we didn’t write anything technically yet). You can predict and be sure where will the ball falls to and how the ball falls after being thrown. In the case of particles such as an electron, where will the electron locate after being “thrown”? This is a wrong question. No matter how many times the electron be “thrown” in the same magnitudes is it, the felt locations will be always different. As a result, physicist preferred to ask how much is the probability to find the electron at the location that we want. (Please refer to Young's double slit experiment). Yes, that is weird and difficult to understand. It is one of the strange behaviors of the particles. Quantum physics also showed very unexpected experiment results, it was totally different to the reality. To study quantum physics, step by step is the key. Please start working on the following topics:
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Wave-particle duality
  • Schrodinger's cat
  • Quantum entanglement
  • Superposition

Quantum physics is always an interesting topic and someday it reveals the mystery of the universe.

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