Sunday, April 17, 2016

Channelising Your Anger:

Anger is the cause of fall for many. Successful people always know how to channelizing their anger. There is a way to overcome anger instead of showing your anger. If you look in to history, angry king or judge made huge mistakes.

-          King Pandiya (Ruler of Madurai) got angry over the suspected stolen case. The case is about queen’s ornament was missing and innocent Kovalan was mistakenly suspected. The angry king given death sentence to Kovalan. Kovalan’s wife (Kannagi) erupted in anger and fired the whole Madurai City.
-          If King would have channelized his anger, the judgement might be better and history might be changed.

Anger Management:
  • -          Relaxation technique
  • -          Fist closing and opening technique
  • -          Backward counting (9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)
  • -          Deep Breathing
  • -          Imagery ( Thinking about good timings about the person
  • -          Cognitive restructuring   

Why angry is coming?
-one sided anger
-Breaking of promise by others
-Not understanding others situation
  • Remember, anger is not just psychological factor, it is physiological factor. Eg: Nutrition problem, Hormones imbalance. Matured people shows less anger.

Follow these steps during anger:
-          While anger don’t react
-          Don’t speak and just move away from that place
-          Postponing the anger will dilute your anger
-          Try 24 hour postpone of anger (at least for 15 min)
-          Breaks will helps us to keep you away from anger
-          Open minded can avoid anger


Discussion is good but arguments are bad. It will leads to anger. Always introspect your anger, you will easily overcome anger. 

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