Saturday, April 30, 2016

What's her number? (Comedy Short Film)

A Tamil comedy short film about Arjun, who loses the last two digits of a girl's phone number and whether he succeeds in finding it. 

A simple plot yet an interesting short film!!

Title: What's her number?
Story - Screenplay - Direction : Arvind Kumar
Cast: Sidharth Varma | Ambrish Prasad | Aswini K 
Editing: Arjun Manohar
Cinematography- Sooraj S Anand
Associate Director: Srikanth Cheeka
Assistant Directors: Omprakash Ujjwal, Murali
Make-up for the artists: Anantha Chittila
Sound Mixing: Sandy
Script inputs: Ranjith Unnikrishnan
Voice-over: Sheik Mohamed Shakeel and Gayathry Sankaran
Media Partner : Mediaexpress
Location courtesy: La Cucina Restaurant, Kilpauk
Soundtracks: selected from (with the director's official contract)

Finally, they released the short film on Apr 29th 2016.

Here is the short film:

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