Monday, April 18, 2016

Anger – wasting of energy

In last article, we saw about channelizing your anger. In this article, we are going see some mythological stuffs related to anger.

Check the following questions:
  • -          Whom we got anger?
  • -          Why we got anger?
  • -          What is the use of showing anger?
  • -          How to control the anger?

To answer all this question, anger management is the only solution.

In Hindu mythology,
There are three areas:
  • -          Kailash area
  • -          Vishnu area
  • -          Heaven (Indhiran area)

In heaven, Indhiran is insecure about his post. He won’t allow saint Viswamitra to surpass the highest meditation level. Here anger is the point to spoil the Viswamitra’s aim and used as weapon by Indhiran.

In kailash area, where no hungry, there is no fight between snake, eagle, rat, bull, peacock and tiger. If one is anger in Kailash, mostly they will be out of kailash. It’s a clear point.

Three things are very important while addressing the anger management:
  1.         . Frequency of anger
  2.        .  Intensity of anger
  3.        .  Duration of anger

-If energy is going up, it is enlightenment.
-If energy is going down, it is expenditure.
-Expenditure is nothing but stress, anxiety and anger. Anger tops the list.
Anger is always an energy wasting method. It is in your head that either you choose enlightenment or expenditure.

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